Facility Management Services
Facility Management Services
  • Legal Consultancy: For all clients of MARG ProperTies, we will offer legal consultancy and facilitate interaction between Flat Owners and tenants for finalizing and documenting rental agreements. If a tenant vacates the apartment before the specified time period, we will facilitate to re-lease the apartment through our various sources. We will also assess damage done to the apartment during the tenure of stay.
  • Signing up agreements: We will facilitate signing off on all necessary documents and assist in the documentation pertaining to rental agreements.
  • Deposit of Rent: We will follow up with tenant for prompt payment of rent to flat owner and in case of delay intimate the tenant.
  • Maintenance of your flat: We will attend to minor repairs relating to carpentry, plumbing, electrical and civil works, painting and waterproofing to keep your home looking brand new.
  • Pest Control: MARG ProperTies will ensure that your home is kept pest free by regular pest eradication procedures.
  • Payment of Statutory dues: This constitutes of Water Tax, EB and Property Tax which need to be paid promptly to the government. All you have to do is deposit the money in a pre-specified account regularly.

Note: All the above services will be offered to owners of MARG ProperTies homes who require the same at a minimal charge required to carry out the service. All the bills incurred will be documented and sent for review on a regular basis.

For Further details, you can mail us at fms@marggroup.com